Strategies for tourism development in the confront with the climate change

Climate change is a serious threat to the development of the tourism sector, so that in the planning of the activity is the withdrawal. The strategies of mitigation and adaptation, which allow to confront in a positive way the externalities of this phenomenon. The European Union argues that the climate change strategy is developed in four different areas: climate risk, political will, international participation and innovation for a change in production methods, energy use, and adaptation (COM, 2005).

To understand the impact of climate change threats, it is necessary to define risk, which is a condition of the nature, process or potential event involving a threat to the health, safety or well-being of a group of citizens, activities or The economy of a community or large states. The risk depends on the severity of the vulnerability threats; The probability of an event occurring in a given space and time, with sufficient intensity to produce damages (ECLAC, 2011). While vulnerability is the extent to which climate change could damage or damage a system; This concept is a function of both the sensitivity to climate and the ability to adapt to new conditions (IPCC, 1997). At the Djerba (Túnez) convention on tourism and climate change (2003), one of the main strategies, companies that companies adapt to the activities of technologies and logistics, More rational to minimize the contribution of the sector to climate change.

In this sense, four basic mitigation strategies are represented, represented in the following table:






Take advantage of natural light. Turn off lights, eliminate unnecessary luminaires, lighting level, time control and occupancy.

Kitchen Efficient equipment, temperature control, efficient equipment, ventilation, shut down unconnected equipment.
Air conditioning Control thermostat, turn off air conditioning, clean equipment. Sports and leisure areas Control the temperature, turn off the outdoor lighting, solar equipment.
Use of alternative energies Solar thermal energy, photovoltaic solar energy, cogeneration Consumption of water Replace boilers, double discharge tank, reducer taps, rainwater collector, wastewater reuse
Laundry Drying outdoors, reducing the amount of washes, energy efficient equipment.

Nowadays, Hotel Patio  Andaluz, uses these mitigation measures against climate change and each year generates a new plan is discussed to include new measures.



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